Resources To Automate Your Business

Top businesses in the world all rely on automation to bring their company to the next level. It helps businesses become more productive, serve their clients better and ultimately make more sales while reducing the time needed to be in the business.

Think about how businesses such as Mcdonalds and Apple leverage on automation in their daily operations to product their products.

Imagine how great it would be to be making money while sleeping because you have the automations in your business working for you?

Instead of slogging in your business, you can now use the extra time you saved for your loved ones.

In our company, we leverage on automation a lot. From getting leads to appointment scheduling, we automate as much of our operations as we can.

This list is non-exhaustive and we’ll keep adding in more cool tools we find over time!

Note: We included some affiliate links in the post!

Website Tools

A website is a must if you want to automate your business as your website is online 24/7 even while you sleep. With 50% of the world connected to the internet with majority of them in developed countries, there is no excuse of not having a website if you have a business.

Here are some of our go-tos to easily build up your website quickly so you exist online.

If you own a business or brand, you want to own a .com website with your brand name. Namecheap is where we get our domain names (For this website and our programs/courses), and you can get one for just $10+/year. Combine your purchase with a discount code which you can find out over here

You need a provider to host your website for it to exist online. We currently use Bluehost as it provides good hosting and you can start for as low as $2.49/month for just hosting.

This is another provider that helps you host your website online and provides affordable rates too. Their rates are also quite affordable compared to Bluehost.


WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which helps you build your website design and content very easily without the need of coding or needing technical knowledge. It integrates so well with almost every software on the market. At one point of time, we switched to another CMS but reverted to WordPress as the integrations were too important for us.


Studiopress sells WordPress themes, which are basically designs for your website. They are the one behind the popular ‘Genesis Theme Framework’ which is used to power many other ‘Child’ themes. Our website is using the child theme ‘Parallax Pro’ which uses the Genesis Theme Framework too.

Like Studiopress, Themeforest has a lot of great themes at affordable prices as well too.

Landing Page

A landing page is a web page a user lands on and the intent is for them to take a certain action. The softwares and programs listed below help you to do that simply and create beautiful looking pages that may be complicated with WordPress alone. Overall, we use landing page softwares to save us a lot of time and headache from coding as we don’t need side bars and navigation on certain pages.

Clickfunnels (Affiliate Link)
Clickfunnels is our go-to software for building funnels for ourselves and clients. It helps us save a lot of time by automating our sales and integration with our backend follow up as well. You can build beautiful converting sales funnels and it just starts from $97/month, with a 14 day free trial to begin with.
I have been using Instapage for close to 2 years now for my personal website and can say that their landing page software is really easy to use. It is also click and drag, and have some amazing templates you can start with too. – Terence

This is a go-to for many internet marketers because it’s a one time payment for the software, and you don’t need any coding or design knowledge to make a great page with this.

Thrive Themes
We use the Thrive Content Builder for some pages of our websites, including our home page. The interface makes it easy to build pages with its easy drag-and-drop interface and allows you to build pages visually.

Another easy drag-and-drop type of interface to build with your landing pages with templates provided when you first start your landing page.

Email marketing

After getting clients from your offers, you need a back end system to follow up with them. Autoresponders help you to do your email marketing to follow up with your clients or even make a sale after.

Our current email responder that we use to send out our emails and our email campaigns. Best thing is that it is free to build your list, and only require you to pay when you want automation enabled (Eg. sending emails to people who opt in to your list automatically)

Aweber has easy to use interface and systematic layout that makes it easy to create email sequencing for your email campaigns. It starts from $19/month and goes up when you have more leads.

Getresposne is also another email provider that is widely used by many people. Starts with $10/month and can go even lower if you subscribe for a longer term.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

You need a place to store your client’s data and to follow up with them. What better way than to have a database to record every customer data so that you know them better, and as a result get more sales from understanding their needs better?

Having a CRM system is integral for your business, especially if you deal with clients on a daily basis. Some of the CRM softwares listed below also help you automate your sales and also includes autoresponders to follow up with your customers.

Hubspot provide a free to use CRM software without any catch, and allows you to store as many as 1 million contacts at no cost at all. They provide other softwares for businesses such as marketing software and sales software but that’s a separate thing altogether.

This is one of the leading softwares in sales and marketing, and most leading experts in the world are using this for follow up and payment for their programs. They provide a CRM system with marketing automation and autoresponder that starts from $199/month with 2500 contacts.

This is another leading software besides Infusionsoft. It also works as a autoresponder like Infusionsoft and starts from just $9/month for 500 leads, or $49/month if you want the CRM included.


It’s impossible for one person to have all the skills needed for a business. Even if you do, it’s just not smart figuring out something for a few hours when you can pay someone $5 to get it done for you.

For our business, we outsource a lot of things such as transcription, graphics design, and general admin while we focus on the tasks that actually make us money. You can get away with paying as low as US$5 per project and get quality work done if you find it at the right place.
This is one of our main outsourcing sites that we use to find virtual workers. This website is for outsourcing to workers in the Philippines, and you can get them either part or full time. There is no transaction fee but you need to pay a monthly subscription to get access to this database of workers. If you plan to outsource a lot, is a great database to use.

If you are looking for a freelancer full time, Upwork is a perfect solution for this. There’s a transaction fee every time you pay your workers through the platform as well too.

This used to be a site that is known for getting work done from as low as $5 per work. This is no longer true as you will usually find yourself paying slightly more because $5 won’t get much done. Fiverr is best used for part time work, as the transaction fee on this platform is huge compared to Upwork.


Money is the lifeline of any business, and knowing how to manage your cash flow is integral in succeeding in your business. You probably know that already, so here’s some financial softwares you can use to collect payment, generate invoices and get more sales quicker. You can even do all these automated on a monthly basis!

Ideal for small businesses to help you manage invoices, pay your employees and even help you collect payment online. We use this to generate our invoices for our clients and manage our financials from here as well too. It’s free forever, and the only thing they charge is processing fee if you use their software to collect payment.

This software is pretty much a full accounting solution, which can even help you generate P&L Statements and Balance Sheet. It also helps you with invoicing, receipts, and everything to make sure your accounting for your business are in place.

This is our go-to payment provider because it integrates well with Clickfunnels. This is one of our main payment systems because the money goes directly into our bank after a few days automatically after a transaction is done.

Besides Stripe, we also use Paypal mainly to pay for certain services online and also our Virtual Assistants (VAs) when we outsource our work. Most VAs accept Paypal as a payment gateway so it is good to set up an account if you are planning to outsource.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is one of the best thing ever created to help you get access to your files any time, anywhere. Much better for businesses with a team as every member can access the same set of files. We personally use cloud storage for all our files so we can easily retrieve any file at any time.

One of the more well known Cloud storage solution on the market. Starts with 2 GB free space, and you can get extra free space by completing some actions. You can get more space from just $9.99/month.

Google Drive
This starts with 15 GB free space, and you can easily upgrade to 100 GB from as low as $1.99/month. We use Google Drive because it integrates well with Google Docs and many other features on Google as well.
This cloud storage provides a whopping 50 GB free space. One good thing about this is that everything is encrypted when you upload onto Mega, and you need the key to decrypt it. Good if you want to store sensitive data!

Productivity and Team Collaboration

We all need tools to help us work smarter, spend less time and get more done in a day! These tools will help you do just that, while making coordinating between your team a breeze as well too!

Evernote is used to mainly take notes, write down ideas and jot down anything on your mind. The useful functions also include being able to ‘clip’ websites (save their content wholesale), and also the ability to share your notes with anyone.

This is dedicated for people who like to take down notes in point form. The best feature about this is you can zoom into each point form to get into even more details on each point. Very simple and easy to use interface.

If you have a small team, Trello is a great way to start coordinating your team effort to see what each team member is doing. We use Trello to do many things including recording down what needs to be done, what each person is doing, meeting notes, and more.

An alternative to Trello, Basecamp is a Project Management Software that helps you organize your work and manage multiple projects in your business.


Facebook Automation

It’s because we rely on Facebook a lot, we know what tools work and what don’t. These below are some of the tools we use and recommend for people who want to get more out of the platform without spending all their time on it.

This tool helps you manage all your Social Media efforts from posting content for you all the way to measuring your results on your Facebook posts and ads

Recently acquired by Hootsuite, this tool is specifically for optimizing and making your Facebook ads better. The interface of the platform makes it much easier to understand compared to power editor or ads manager as it is more visual.

Chatfuel (Chatbot)
Chatbot is now the in thing with Facebook, and we recommend Chatfuel because it’s free to use and easy to start with. It takes a bit to understand how it works, but after that it is just drag-and-drop builder to build your own chat bot that can help you answer common questions you keep getting!
There are many tools available here to make your Facebook ads become better – from connecting your autoresponders to your Facebook custom audiences to helping you with your retargeting efforts and boost your email marketing efforts.


Online Scheduler

For leads to contact us, they have to go through an online scheduler in order to book an appointment to speak with Jason. This tool helps us to get leads wanting to speak with us and get them to pick the time that they prefer to speak as well. Won’t it be great to wake up to see your schedule full of leads wanting to speak with you?
This is our current online scheduler that we use in our website. There are powerful options you can use such as syncing with your Google Calenders, setting up buffer time in between appointments and more!

While is good, Calendly was another alternative that we found quite good as well. They also offer many of the powerful features offer as well too.


AppSumo tools (Website Conversions)
Sumo has many tools to help you grow your website traffic and help you optimize your website for more conversions. They have many tools which you can start using for free. (All In One)
We use Zoho to manage our email accounts, but Zoho provides a lot of solution that we just simply can’t list them under any category. They have a CRM, accounting, sales system, email system, document, meetings, and many many more features! A lot of these are free to start using as well too.

Zapier (Software Automation)
This tool is simply amazing – for the fact that it help you automate processes between multiple softwares. For example, if a person is added into a list on Mailchimp, Zapier can help you to also subscribe that person to another list on the same Mailchimp account.