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Are you also experiencing the following problems?

  • Just another drop in the ocean, no clear USP, not sure how to overcome objections during your negotiations? The fear of losing the deal puts you in a state of desperation, causing you to accept junk conditions to make the sale happen?
  • Finally got in front of your ideal clients, but they take forever to decide and budget is always a concern? Lack the leverage needed to make them say "yes" NOW, prevent you from further lowering your fees and losing profit margin?
  • Putting in 7 days a week, but your balance sheet still lack sufficient capital to fund your operation, hindering your plans to scale the business?

HOW TO become a "UNBEATABLE business"!

At the same time, making even the most “hard-to-get” dreams say 'YES' to you!

For 10 years, Jason Lim has personally helped over 1000’s of people solved the exact same business problems you are facing right now—he understands your pain and has had a long history of your experiences. More importantly, he knows how to INSTANTLY remove all of your infuriating problems!

Because your business skills are weaker than other people, you end up selling cheaper to get sales, and this costs your freedom and fortune...


If you don’t want to wake up to another day and feel like you are walking on eggshells anymore, and you want to put a stop to this, sign up TODAY for Jason's personal help!

what you can expect with jason lim

In order to make your first 7-figure business happen, there are 8 skills you MUST HAVE!

1. Monetisation Model (A clear plan to get capital)

2. Talented Workers (A clear direction to lead your team)

3. Multiple Revenue Streams (A clear to win your market)

4. Ideal Partnerships (A clear technique for negotiation)

5. Strong Network (A clear sense of integrity)

6. Specialized Skills (A clear idea of your worth)

7. Business Model (A clear way to scale and expand)

8. Coach, Mentor, Advisors (A clear group to make you stay clear)

During your time with Jason Lim, he will work with you to gain mastery in these areas of your life and business in order to build your first 7-figure business together.

The purpose of this coaching offer is to make you another million in your business. You are free to apply even if you have not break out of your first $100,000 shell yet. This is what Jason Lim's coaching is designed to do.

You will break your first $100,000/- 

Followed by your first $500,000/- and so forth.

By the end of the day, you either make a million dollars with Jason Lim, or nothing comes out of your pocket—ever! What's the worst that could happen?

act now and JASON LIM WILL SHOW YOU how to become a "unbeatable business" for free! ​


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1. Find a CLEAR USP for your business. 

2. Identify what might be sabotaging your efforts of success and locate your leverage.

3. Establish a CLEAR capital plan to fund your operation and scale your business.


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Henry Ong, Owner & CEO

Singapore International Math Contest Centre (SIMCC)

Augustine Siew, Managing Director

inlingua® School of Languages Singapore

Lay Yong, Owner & CEO

BodyTree GST Singapore

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 Saiful Rizal 

 Founder of Math Prodigies, 
Author of Amazon Best-Selling Book, "Mom, Help Me Score A's In Math!"



I must tell you how valuable his (Jason) time really is. The first time I spoke with him, I didn't expect him to have this amount of value inside him! He gave me 1 simple advice, just 1 small tip--that allowed me to double the number of people that came to my workshop, and of course, it generated more sales for me; amounting to $15,000. That was the first.  When I met Jason for the strategy session, I thought I knew how to get to my first $500,000. I thought all I had to do was to scale my business by doing more of the same thing that I was already doing. It turns out that I was completely wrong. In just an hour, Jason worked the vital numbers in my business and showed me how I can generate an extra $160,000 by implementing an elegant and easy strategy. The beauty of this strategy is that it will give me triple the profits as compared to the strategy I had in mind to get me to $500,000! If you get the privilege of talking to this man, grab the opportunity! It will give you a fresh perspective that might just make you more profits! I know I did! Thank you Jason!

Styles Chong

 Co-owner of Okeanos Trading, Exclusive distributor for Carnation Footcare Singapore 


"The first time I worked with Jason, my sales increased by $15,000 immediately after the first 14 days, while shortly after I secured a meeting with high-end corporate executives to negotiate a 6-figure deal for my company. After I signed up for his coaching and begun implementing his advice, my business finally crossed our first $500,000 officially in less than 12 months working with him. Now, I'm more fulfilled my work and have a better relationship with my family. Our total sales increased by $253,000 since working with Jason. Thank you, Jason!"

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Melvin Soh

Co-Founder of Enlightened Profits, Ambassador to Future of Business Asia 


I was facing difficulty in my upcoming presentation and I gave Jason a call. He spent 1 hour teaching me and coaching me. Next day I fly over to Bangkok for my event and I made over $42,000. Thank you, Jason :)

Samson Oh x Jason Lim

Samson Oh

Founder of Celtic and Oriental
Co-founder of Team Flash


I will always remember the first time I spoke to Jason. This is the man who understands the word business. I have personally seen many business owners failed in scaling their business due to various reasons. I was one of them. Most of the so called personal development or business courses teach you concepts, theories etc. It extremely rare they teach you methods. When I started to learn the right methods, my business revenues grew 30 percent year-on-year. Please look no further than Jason when it comes to methods. Methods that doesn’t require huge capital and effort but huge results. Hard to believe but it’s real.

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