What Every Business Needs To Increase Their Brand Awareness Online & Offline

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Could 10 minutes make you even more sales?

Time is precious.

Could you record a simple video teaching your ideal customers something they don’t know?

If you can make a simple video then good fortunes are almost certainly at your doorstep.

Problem with marketing your business online, you need content if you want to become the go-to Authority, but you don’t even have time for your family.

These videos could be your ticket out.

Companies are looking for people they can trust…and they are willing to pay upwards of $50K for a done-for-you service.

But only a few people know how to attract them and do it right…more on that in a bit.

These people are called Experts – a special group of people who sell their advice for a living.

I call it wisdom-based business.

You can work when you want and where you want…you can’t put a price tag on it, now can you?

The right way (much faster) and the wrong way to become a 6-figure business…

The wrong way:
Spend hours producing ONE blog post, and adopt the “hopeful” marketing, cross fingers, hoping people find it, read it…and hoping they buy.

The right way:

Jason Lim Authority System
Use this step-by-step “Authority Recipe” I teach in my programs:

  1. Make 1 video recording teaching something to your ideal buyers
  2. Get transcription of your video (rev.com)
  3. Strip audio from video (vid2mp3.com)
  4. Circle the 3 core message you want to deliver
  5. Clean up the words and make a mini post on Facebook
  6. Find 5 steps to create infographic and post (Fiverr.com)
  7. Identify 11 Steps flow-chart PDF and use as lead capture
  8. Create Cheatsheet or Template and use as lead capture
  9. …CONGRATULATIONS! Chapter 1 – 3 of your book is now complete.
  10. Create 3 – 5 fun looking animation video (Fiverr.com)
  11. Fiverr for “Whiteboard Animation” (give your FB post)
  12. Post on your social profiles (Facebook/youtube/linkedin/medium)
  13. Create 3 – 5 motivation posters (fiverr.com / PowerPoint)
  14. Put in 1 – 3 lines of your wisdom words
  15. Fiverr.com for a logo
  16. Post your quotes once per day on your profile
  17. Cycle between 1 video / 1 quote / 1 text post everyday
  18. Repeat step 1

Congratulations, you now have enough authority contents to present yourself as the goto Authority, with 90 days worth of content to post, while spending less than a cup of starbucks a day to create them.

Never realized before this could be done? There might even more of what you haven’t discovered yet – simple and effective methods to spend less time and make even more money.

Once you have these content, next step is put them in-front of your buyers who will pay you 10X – 100X more, without you changing a thing in your business.

In my program I teach my students how to do this using Facebook Advertising, anyone can do it even if they can only start with a budget of $10/day for advertising.

Think about it, what good is starting in business without freedom?

A recipe alone won’t fill your stomach. Now you need to gather the ingredients you’ve bought and arrange them in your kitchen to wash your ingredients, chop, prepare before you get to cooking your dish.

Stuck with finding topics for your content? Study this step-by-step video training I made for my students.

It’ll show you how to create value-added content that will attract your ideal clients and actually SELLS you for you (without becoming like a desperate snakeoil salesman) and make you stand out from your industry, becoming an authority even in a crowded marketplace.

What you’ll learn in this video will help you clearly identify what people are looking for online (and what they willing to take out wallet for), plus the smart way to create 10X MORE content (without hiring more people) and putting the content infront of highly qualified prospects your competitors might not even be aware about

If you’ve always wanted to create more useful/quality content, not just for the sake of ranking in the search engines, and present information that ACTUALLY really helps people improve their quality of life, reach more people, inspire more lives, impact more transformation but never knew how, then this is for you

So next step once you have your content ready and created, is to put them together and distribute to the platforms that have your buyers.

“Must I really go through all these efforts to distribute my content? Can’t I just post on my website?”

If you don’t learn to distribute your valuable content out to the world, it won’t serve any anyone any good- if you only keep it enclosed to yourself then it’s like having your Recipe + Ingredients abandoned in the kitchen while you go catch another season of Games of Thrones. Don’t stop after buying the ingredients, let’s prepare them and get the pan ready for cooking your dish.

The wrong way: put your content ONLY on your website

-Your website has no traffic (unless you’ve already cultivated a large pool of seasoned readers like Jon Loomer for the last 10 years.)
-You are not a media publication
-You are not a news outlet
-No one visit your blog every day to see if you published new article (You could send an email to your readers about the new post, if you have been running campaigns to capture email leads)

Doing this will be as if cooking a meal for 10 pax – except you are alone at home.

The right way: publish it on other platform that people are actually spending time in like how you spend time in Facebook (You cannot expect to hunt for fishes in the prawn pool)

So I took the original content created from here on my Facebook page,

And published it on Medium.com:

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Your Expertise + 10 Mins/Day = Even More Sales Online?

Published on First posted for members in my Facebook Group (join us inside!) Could 10 minutes each day make you even more sales? Time is precious. Could you record a simple video teaching your ideal customers something they don’t know? If you can make a simple video then good fortunes are almost certainly at your doorstep.


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They all go back to one place: https://thejasonlim.com

To rely on your website, and hope that google rank it fast to get you traffic is going to be very slow and ineffective. You need to be where the whales swim, or else they won’t see you (and you can’t get them!)

Every piece of marketing in itself must be valuable for your target customers.

This method also helps you position strategically in front of your “whale clients”

What’s a “whale client”?

It’s a term coined in the city of casino, Las Vegas, for high stakes player who spend 6 figures in one trip.

In business term, they’re also called your ideal “high-ticket client” – clients who can afford your best service you charge the most money for; it could be $10,000 for a coaching program, or even $100,000 for a done-for-you service.

The only limit on your income is your imagination.

Most business fail when they view marketing as a promotion effort to sell something; the short term – without precision of intention, to strategically design their process to attract the best buyers they can serve for a full year.

If you have a choice, would you rather have one client who pays you $100,000, and you serve them full heartedly, or try to service 100,000 other customers who pays you $1?

The first choice gives you tons of free time, and maximum fulfilment;
The second choice consumes your time, makes you want to pull your hair out.

Both make you the same money.

Every step of your marketing should be designed to get you freedom, not slog you deeper into Rat Race version 2.0 with an iron ball shackle chain from your income goals.

This method of marketing could be your ticket out and gives you the freedom you want.

If more people know you, you have higher chance to get them liking you, then you have a shot to create trust with them.

This is especially useful for people, selling some kind of high end coaching/consulting services, to convince potential clients about their expertise, while positioning you as the only logical choice of your industry.

Your competitors wouldn’t even come close to comparison. Your prospects will be already SOLD long before you even entered the meeting or get on the call with them.

To all of the above, besides a website, you need a lead capture page to collect their emails, set up a webinar for your video presentation. To do this, we use Clickfunnels – you can try it for 14-days for free to test it out.

For business who are dissatisfied with their profits. My product is a 3-day transformation program that provides a proven method to increase your income and influence. Unlike most programs, with no track records of student success, my program is results oriented; and most students experienced results within 90 days. Get started today with free trainings available on my website.