The Awakening: How I Got Started

Are you “begging” for referrals even if your coaching change lives, and at the risk of losing friends?

Research shows that the Rich operates in a very different manner than the Poor;

  • They will set aside skepticism to uncover value (that’s how they always seems to be the one to leverage on opportunities first before anyone else)
  • They think in value and not price (why would people buy a Rolls Royce even when they can do the same features as a Toyota?)
  • They know what they want and they seize it by the throat (you are here because you want even more clients…
  • They never procrastinate. They rather make a poor decision than make no decisions at all, they know that they only way opportunity present itself to them is only because they took some form of actions
  • They take massive action when what they need surface in their lives and show up in front of them. (They know there’s no coincidence in life. They believe in Law of Attraction.)

If you have yet to hit your income goals, you’re missing a key piece of the wealth puzzle.

Do you have a problem walking away from clients – people who are taking up your entire time negatively and hurting you emotionally, taking away your self-esteem by the minutes?

I did.

Then I found that, if I want my life to change, my habits must change. Until I take up a new identity for a new habit, my life will forever remain the same.

  • To go from employee to entrepreneur, I needed a fresh set of thinking,
  • To go from zero to 6-figures, requires a new way of thinking (again)
  • To go from six to 7-figures require another brand new set of beliefs (again!)

In other words, to succeed, my IDENTITY must change first!

For almost a decade now, I’ve personally helped over 1000’s of people — and responsible for helping several entrepreneurs scale their business and increase the quality of their lives.

I wasn’t always doing this.

Since I was 21, I was selling luxurious homes, with valuation between $1M to $33M, in Singapore. I had a smooth run of sales until our government tightened the laws for real estate investment.

My sales income had a sharp drop of 90º.

I placed advertisement on the local newspapers to get leads for my listings, costing me anywhere from $60 to $180 each time I place an order — for just 3 lines — with no more text than you’re allowed on your Twitter – unless you upgrade to place a $3,000/day order for a column size as big as a post on your Facebook newsfeed.

To say the cost is ridiculous would still be an understatement.

The cost of advertising just don’t justify the speed of return for me.

It got so worst that even after spending $1,000 – $10,000 per month, we still get zero calls.

That means no leads > no viewings > no sales > no money > no freedom.

The look of returning to the 9-5 day job quickly appeared in my mind. I could not let it happen again.
I am not prepared to go back as a slaved employee and live my life listening to instructions from people I don’t agree in and do things even if they are not right.

I had to find an alternative. 

Then one day my client bought a luxury home and introduced me to the world of riches.

It was the beginning to many good fortunes to come…

He told me the world is rigged. He told me how it’s not a coincidence he called me the next day, after I had a thought about “how Forex work” without me telling anyone.

I was intrigued and begin to consuming everything I can get my hands on it.

I begin attending more seminars, I bought lots of home study courses with every penny I can find.

In case you’re wondering if I grew up with a silver spoon,

I didn’t.

I grew up in a small 1 bedroom apartment with my family of 4.

At age 14, I started working part time in Mcdonald’s to help with supplementing the family’s income.

I’d wake up for school at 6am, back from school, rushed off to work within an hour, and only finally back home at 11:30pm

This cycle repeated for 6 days a week, for the next 6 years.

Unlike the wealthy families in Singapore, my family constantly struggled with the rising cost of living.

The speed of inflation puts the bullet train in Japan to shame.

In a poor family, you have no time to complain. We had to do whatever it takes to survive first.

Humiliation, bullies, abuse – they’re not uncommon sight in the places I grew up in.

Some children had it all given to them, credit cards from family, never have to worked for a single cent, they get to do whatever they want, chase their goals and follow their dreams. They go on holidays without paying a single cent out from their own pocket. They dine on their family credit card.

They had no idea how poor folks, like us, have to sweat blood for every single penny we earn, saving every penny…just to put food on the table for our loved ones.

Yet I hear them complain every single day. 

I still remember, the feeling of walking 12 hours straight, and had to deal with extremely nasty, and disrespectful clients, earning peanuts.

I didn’t care if I had to work hard. As long as I could bring my loved ones to dine in nice restaurants, and not look at the hand side of the column before ordering our food.

When I first started my first consulting business, I felt like I could achieve anything — until I realized it was worst than my desk job.

For the first few years, I sweat blood — like a hawker cooking for a $2 plate of noodles. Tired and exhausted by the end of the day, all I can think of is sleep.

Then, I made a huge discovery.

I was “earning” my money with my own effort.

I was trying too hard on my own. 

I was using time to make money, my effort to produce income. I don’t have a system, I don’t have a process to produce money for me. If I’m not working money is not coming in.

But I discovered that trading time for money is not how wealth is created by the Rich!

Robert Kiyosaki’s ESBI Quadrant


The day I discovered this image, it was like finding light in a tunnel.

I thought I had a business – when in reality, the only transition I made was from having a job, to owning a JOB!

Just.Over.Broke in time & freedom, especially money.

I realized that I’m unable to my family first, as long as my time continues to be the dominant paymaster.

I won’t accomplish true financial freedom as long as I don’t have a system to produce income for me, and come back richer from my holidays.

That is why I was stuck!


But once I did, I started getting automated request to work with me, while I was still snoozing away in bed!

Now, I could afford be choosy, and actually have the power to walk away from clients who’re not a good fit with my values/belief system.


I found that the reason why I was stuck, miserable, and pitiful, was because I had no choice.

But that quickly changed once I implemented a system for my business.

Imagine waking up to this tomorrow:

What changed my business forever and gave me the freedom is I now have a system that works for me even when I am sleeping, fully automated without my interference.

It’s so easy and effective I can hire people to manage the system without requiring any talent from them at all.

It’s why Mcdonald’s can hire 14 year old kids to make you the same tasting burger, even if they don’t have any cooking experience.

Since then, I’ve created a system that’s transferrable, duplicable, with repeatable success stories.

It’s so easy and effective even a child can do it, anyone can duplicate the system and produce the same proven results, guaranteed.

Would you like me to transfer my system to you?

It works like your heart.

It doesn’t stop. Once you’re born, it requires no effort from you to make your heart pump for you.

My system pumps money to you without anymore effort than your heart beats every day.

My system consists of time-tested principles that worked since the industrial age that made fortunes for the Elon Musk and Bill Gates of the past; giants such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford – proven and guaranteed to work for any business selling any types of product/services

My step-by-step system is simple to understand so you can act immediately and proven to produce results so you can help more people with what you do.

If you’re reading this, I want to transfer the system to you.

I didn’t originally create this for selling it. It was something that I needed to use for myself, so I created it for my own usage.

After seeing my success, friends persuaded me to teach them.

I wasn’t so keen at first, but after hearing about so many people’s struggles, I decided to do something about it…

I know, from first hand experience, how difficult it is to attract high-paying potential clients.

So I took my experience and turned it into a simple system, made it easy to follow, so easy that even a child could do it. With step by step instruction and hand holding support.

Guaranteed to take any entrepreneur without any experience to become a business master in a matter of days.

What the system had done for me and what it could do for you too:

Doing What I Love: The ability to visit the gym every day and still get fresh clients entering my system requesting help from me. All I need to do is contact them after my workout routine. Clients respecting my time when my working hours ends (like the doctors, you respect their closing hours) your clients wait if they want you.

Building A Team: The ability to have a team to manage the simple & easy system without requiring any talent while I focus on delivering an impact to my students and clients for taking their lives to the next level and my team living purposefully to change lives with their time.

Inspiring People: Speaking at events and conducting my own intimate seminars to help more people like you change their lives for the better and inspiring the masses with my story.

Spend Time Meaningfully: Most importantly, the ability to achieve time freedom and spend meaningful time with my loved ones in the family. Having the ability to be there for my family when they need me, graduation ceremony of my brother during his army days, parents when they’re sick.

To help you get started learning my system, I’ve prepared a free training for you. Details can be found here.

Thanks for reading.