How One Discovery Turn Me from a Broke Consultant To Charge 20K Per Client

You’re probably reading this, already sceptical of the headline. That’s fine – I’m used to it.

In fact it’s my motivation for writing this.

I want to share with you exactly how I did it – AND if you stay till the end – I’ll show you how you can do it as well.

Let me explain:

I grew up a bully victim, and my family never had money.

Maybe you can relate?

As kids we could never do the things we dreamed of doing. I was fortunate however, my family had love and great morals and were taught to be kind and help people in any way possible.

Without going into the detail – unfortunately its just too personal, my family suffered from some detrimental events that caused huge pressure – and inevitably my fiancee and I split up after 7 years of our romance.

I blamed myself and became totally lost as a teenager. I had no sense of safety.

I rebelled constantly, was always in trouble with the law and failed school until I was almost expelled.

In hindsight – it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

At the time though, in between school I worked a dead end job making $2.80 an hour.

Suddenly – I had what most would call a “lightbulb” moment. I realised I had a choice.

Continue down the path I was on which would have put me in JAIL – OR

Make a decision – a change… give myself a fresh start.

Fast forward 2008 I started selling real estate at 21, and was making good money. Until the crash came, and I stopped making sales. I would walk for 12 hours a day bring different clients to see different houses but no sales were made.

Sometimes this went on for weeks before I get my next commission cheque.

I had to pursue a different venture. I tried to chase the internet business dream but selling $7 ebooks is too slow to make a fortune.

That’s when I discovered the “gold” in consulting. The top consultants in the world get paid anywhere from $100K to $250K (upfront) for their time.

“how can I have a slice of that fortune?”

I begin searching for the secrets of how top consultants earn their fortune. I wanted their secrets to spend only 2 hours a day and make 20K a month! After 36 months of intense research and carefully studying their process, I’m proud to say I finally uncover the 3 ultimate leverage points that they all used.

I decided to test it out on my own business, the results that came up was shocking.

My consulting business went from 1K/month to 20K per client instantly.

  • I didn’t do anything new,
  • I didn’t add any new offer
  • I didn’t have an office,
  • I didn’t suit up,

I practically didn’t do anything NEW or EXTRA at all!

I still remember the first time I saw the 20K cheque on my desk…

That’s when I had an epiphany moment, “hey, if this works for me, does it work for others as well?”

I wanted to find out…

So I took the same principles, gather a few friends and started teaching them these new discoveries I found,

Their results were more than just shocking. In fact they had EVEN BETTER results than I did!

  • 2 seminar speakers took the techniques and made $15,000 to $42,000 overnight (literally)
  • 1 economics coach took the knowledge and made $100,000 in just 3 months
  • 1 website engineer took it and turn a $2500 project into a $1M partnership
  • 1 tuition agency applied the principles into his FB ads and turned his $2K advertising into $6K sales
  • 1 ecommerce coach took it and closed a $1K client (even before she created the course!)
  • I personally used it go from one referral meeting to become an invitation of speaking to a 3000 audience in a convention.

Seeing my friends getting all these crazy results, I became OBSESSED with wanting to create EVEN MORE results like this.

So I started putting up seminars and my own personal workshop in order to transfer the secrets to more people who are trying to make their fortune in business, especially with people selling consulting work.

Do you want to learn these powerful knowledge for yourself and create radical results like this as well?

There’s 2 ways you can choose to work with me,

  1. The Money Keys™: Attend my free online class: I distilled the best of these knowledge into a simple 3-part system for any beginners to use the information and immediately create their fortune as well. (Register for my next class using this link here:
  2. Perfect Client System™, 8 weeks coaching program designed for Experts (people selling their expertise for income such as, coaching/consulting/advisory): this program Experts become the goto Authority and find the clients they want to serve. It’s by application only. Use this link if you want in:
  3. (brand new) Facebook Ads Mastery™: For a long time my friends have been asking me to share my knowledge how I deliver predictable ROI for my client’s advertising campaign on Facebook. I recently put together a program for my friends to learn and they loved it. (One attendee made $3500 in 3 weeks. The results are spectacular). With huge roaring success now I’m ready to share with the public. Event is by application only, use this link if you want to be considered:

If you are not ready yet, there are some free trainings here on my website that you can consume and try on your own first before seeking me out.

One day, I hope to transfer these “gold minting” knowledge to you in-person and help you hit your income goals year after year.

Secret Key #1: Choose the right market to sell to

When I first started, I needed cash, so I started to sell to everyone in my network who needed my service. Most people around me are broke poor entrepreneurs. Many whom are not in their 6-figure mark yet. Even if I now have the ability to take them from 0 – $100K in a very short period of time, many of them don’t have any budget to pay for my services at all. The “aha” moment came when I was introduced to a company that paid me 20X more than what I’m currently paid for. I discovered that there are people who will actually pay you 10X more than what your current network and friends will pay you for right now without questions. My self-esteem increased and my confidence improved. Even though I am not doing anything new. When you sell it to the right market, it’s almost like finding a spiritual alignment (ikigaii). You work less and earn more, your client’s don’t bug at you every hour for report, you will find fulfillment and happiness. Ultimately leading up to higher self-esteem in your life.

Secret Key #2: Adopt the Premium model

Before this breakthrough, I can only sell my services to my network for just $1K per month and ‘hope that they give me referrals if I do a good job’ (can you relate?). Often, clients will cut short their contract term and still request for penalty waiver even when I made thousands of dollars for them. There’s just no way I can expect to run any advertising at all for new clients and still retain enough profit to make my business survive. But now that I get paid 20K, I used my new money to advertise and put myself in front of the clients I want to serve, instantly making my competition irrelevant (my clients don’t even know of my competition’s existence) – opportunities started coming to me like bees to honey, it’s like rabid insane. It’s only possible because I managed to sell my service for premium prices. I sold a $20K package by pure luck and chance. Now I have tools and strategies to help my students design and sell their very own $20K signature package/program.

Secret key #3: Master public speaking to sell at Live Events

10, 50, 70 … 100. I tried to count the number of people running to the back of the room and sign up for a $2000 program that was being offered at a seminar in Singapore. The speakers had at least 50 – 200 buyers at the end 90 minutes of their speech. It was beyond this world insane. They make over $300,000 in the time we used to cook dinner! (how insane crazy is that?) In my mind I was calculating the hours I need to put in in order to make the same amount of money…and I didn’t like the numbers that come up. Witnessing this leverage made me set out to conquer my fear of public speaking to the masses and gave me the determination to master the art of selling in live events so I can hit my income goals faster in just one day.

Believe it or not, I was a bully victim during my younger days, and I’m always laughed at for my dreams for being who I want to be. I must thank the bullies from those days, without them, I might have entered their “clique” and might have never become the person I am today, helping my students create such radical results for their business and freedom in their lives, build long lasting relationship with their loved ones and take their life to the next level year after year.

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